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The Beauty Fair will take place from September 7th to 10th, 2024, at the Expo Center Norte, in São Paulo. Learn all about the fair.

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When and what time will the Beauty Fair 2024 take place?
The Beauty Fair 2024 will take place from September 7th to 10th, 2024, starting on a Saturday and ending on Tuesday.
What is the working period of the fair?
On Saturday, September 9th, from 12pm to 8pm. On the other days, from 10am to 8pm.
Where does the Beauty Fair take place?
The Beauty fair takes place at the Expo Center Norte, using all the pavilions of the local. The address is 333, José Bernardo Pinto Street, Vila Guilherme neighborhood - São Paulo/SP - ZIP Code: 02055-000.
How do I get to the Beauty Fair?
By subway - Free Beauty Fair transfer
The closest subway station is Portuguesa-Tietê. The Beauty Fair offers free transfer from this subway station to the Expo Center Norte. Arriving at the Portuguesa-Tietê station, go to 138, Marechal Odylio Dennis street (inside the parking lot Garage In). To access this street from the subway station, head to the exit D.
By car

Arriving by car you must access the parking lot in front of the main entrance, at 333, Josér Bernardo Pinto street (Gate 13). There is an optional entrance by Miguel Mentem street (gate 16). Consult the fees of the parking lot on the website https://expocenternorte.com.br/estacionamentos/
On Waze or Maps, write “Expo Center Norte” as a destiny.

By bus

Two regular bus lines pass through 333, José Bernardo Pinto street with a bus stop in front of the Expo Center Norte. Leaving from Portuguesa-Tietê subway station, walk to the bus stop at 1701, Cruzeiro do Sul Avenue.

  • 2012-10 (Vila Medeiros – Tietê subway station)
  • 2033-10, D Shopping mall  (Vila Sabrina – D shopping mall)

You can also use your mobility app to find out the best course, typing “Expo Center Norte” as the destiny.
In case of doubts, consult the SPTrans website, or call the City Hall number 156.

I need to travel on my own to go to the Beauty Fair. How can I get support? (airfare, accommodation, etc.)

We have a partner travel agency that can help you with the complete trip or even help you with the details you need. Please contact them directly:

AD Viagens e Turismo

24 hour shift
(11) 94511-4947
[email protected]
Who can attend the Beauty Fair?
Beauty professionals, retailers, industries, and others who act on the beauty area, under proof: certificate of course in the area, MEI, work permit, CNPJ, etc. Students of the area of beauty can also register to visit the event on Tuesday, September 12th. They will have to prove that they take a curse in the area.
How do I register?
If you are a beauty professional, you can register by clicking here. You will have to provide some requested information and attach documentation proving you act in the area, as explained above.
I’m not a beauty professional, can I register for free?
No. Beauty Fair is an event exclusive for beauty professionals. If you are interested in visiting the area and want to visit the Beauty Fair, you can take one of our courses and congresses. All of them provide automatic entrance to the 4 days of the fair and will provide you with learning immersion.
Does the fair give the right to a certificate?
No, it doesn't. The registration at the fair itself doesn’t provide a certificate. Only congresspeople and workshop students get a digital certificate.
I have already registered. Do I need to print my registration?
We recommend that you do, but it is not mandatory. You will be able to access your registration via this link: painel.4.events/login. On the day of the fair, you can show the QR code on your cell phone or print it. We suggest that you print it so you don’t take any risks, like lack of internet, or battery.
What are the brands that will be at the fair?
We have an exhibitors page where you can find all the brands that will have stans at the Beauty Fair 2023.
How do I have access to the map of the fair?
The map of the fair is used for locating where each exhibitor will be. We will provide it through our social network a few days before the event. But don’t worry, on the day we will offer printed maps so you can locate yourself in the aisles.
How can I be aware of the news, such as the attractions and special spaces?

We tell all the news about the Beauty Fair on our Instagram profile. Click here and follow us there to be the first one to know.

Follow all the information on the congresses and courses!

Clarify your doubts and ensure your certificate with international acknowledge.
When and where do the courses and congresses take place?

The courses and congresses of Beauty fair happen during the days of the fair, from September 7th to 10th. They usually have one day of duration, but keep an eye open: some of them last longer, like the Esthetic Congress, and others might last shorter periods of time, like half a day. You can check all the courses and their details out by clicking here.

Will I have the right to a certificate?
Sure! All congresses and courses offered by the beauty Fair give you the right to a digital certificate, which will arrive on your email up to a month after the event. In case you don’t receive it, you might get it accessing the painel.4.events/login and logging in with your email and password.
Do I need to register at the Beauty Fair if I have already gotten the congress or the course?
No. If you have already bought one of our congresses or courses, you don’t need to do any more registration. Your name tag will allow your entrance for all the days of the fair.
When I subscribe to a course or congress, what do I have the right to?

All courses and congresses of the Beauty fair give you the right to:

  • Free entrance to all 4 days of the Beauty Fai
  • Digital Certificate
What time is my course or congress?

Check all the details about your course or congress on its page. You can access all of the ones available by clicking here.

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